More Than

A spirit
in bones and flesh
tendons and muscles.
A complex network
of breathing cells
sinews and veins.
A vessel.Yet, I am more than
curves smiles and curls.
More than brain and gain.
I am an old soul
made in His image
A soul who cradles love
as the spiritual clutch
to the seat of my being.
A vehicle of amorous peace.
© 2 years ago, Melva Davids

Unleash that Spirit

the spirit of grace
then find your place
at the feet of love.
© 2 years ago, Melva Davids

Candidly Yours

Here is a matter you should know
Before this friendship starts to grow
I do not borrow neither beg
Instead may break an arm and leg

My sobriety you may ponder
The question may warrant wonder
Grand  labels hastily ascribed
Prejudicially are prescribed

Of things socially appended
Subscription has been suspended
Aggrandized assigned pedestals
Are unstable not eternal

What you see is what I give you
Simple life I dare to pursue
I care not if my friend or foe
Prefer me packaged in a bow

Prompt #  7

I am not fond of pretense or hypocrisy and fitting into the status quo. This is sometimes interpreted negatively but what you see is what you get. I know I am imperfect in many ways but will not be confined to the definitions of others. I  am a work in progress on an inner journey with divine help and without the frills or pretense


© 5 years ago, Melva Davids

Look at Me

The pain twisted my frown
into a smile
so look at my smile
upside down, still smiling.
My heart twisted inside out
yet look at my heart
inside out, still loving.
My skin aches outside in
but look at my skin
outside in still breathing,
a testimony to God”s promise.
I smile, love and breathe in thanks
to life.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Cost of a Smile

It doesn’t take a nickel,
it only takes a start
Then come the ripples
straight from the heart.
Keep smiling © a year ago, Melva Davids

So Much Have I Grown!

I have grown!
I have grown wiser;
heart has gotten stronger
My glance much longer
As I embrace age and life’s rage.
Stressors have shrunken
days have lengthened
Anger became lighter
Life has become sweeter
While I combat strife in its faceLet Earth burn with hate
I will not participate
I will anticipate the moment
Time ceases and grief releases
peace, peace, peace.11. . 05. 2014M. P. Davids

Consciousness Comes at a High Cost

The expanse of age,
diminished rage;
consciousness comes at a cost.

Full knowing
unveiling life’s treasures lost
It’s twist and turns
now meaningfully lucid
as tempers churn
and societies burn.

Wide awakening
to the inter-relatedness of life
the weaknesses of power;
progressive backwardness of light
while evil courts good entwined.

This consciousness comes at a price
where everyone is sane and everything game
– the masses paralyzed in meaningless jibes taunting:-
“West versus East, North versus South,
rich versus poor, black versus white;
futile fight where wrong is right.

The conspiracy in every knot tightens
while the impotent snoozes
The one who calls the shot twists, cares not
as long as this daze doesn’t rot
in this shadow world of forget and pass.

Alas, this consciousness is paid
in torturous sweat, pain, burned skin,
boiled blood. Indignation reaps undignified probing;
tentacles hover to disseminate hatred
coupled with pressure-infused radiated death.

For each drop of ink, screen flares lightning,
skin pinches, brain cells break, bones ache, ears ring,
seared skin simmers, antics mount.
Night owls become nightmares in New Age predictions;
delivering each blow without blinking.
When will this stop! or will the glass ceiling pop?

Yet this consciousness says we need each other;
the evil must work for good to prosper.
Poor needs rich, East needs West, North needs South,
good needs bad to complete the whole.
Unless- the compromise rests or lies in a well-liked word
named Love.

A reflection on my special day © 3 years ago, Melva Davids

My Country Has Birthed Me

I cannot cover the hole or turn away
I cannot cover the hole in my soul unless –
Unless I can articulate the source of my pain

My country has birthed me
I was taught pride in self and nation
Pride in my tongue; knowing where it belonged
Pride in my skin and in who I am
Respect for the human family.
I cannot cover the hole in my soul unless –
Unless I can recognize what life tossed at me
and know exactly what’s really mine

My country has birthed me
I was not taught the subtleties of racism,
Injustice, human indignity, warped equality.
I now recognize the relativity of democracy, free speech,
and thoughts-only after I exposed my insensibility
I cannot cover the hole in my soul until –
Until I can reconcile my confusion, pain
and disappointment in humanity

My country has birthed me
I was taught to take people at their word
I cannot cover the hole in my soul unless-
Unless I can articulate the source of my pain.

My pain, pain, pain…



This is a personal reflection written a few years ago.

© 6 years ago, Melva Davids

Let me Laugh


Just let me laugh with the drifting clouds

Let me dance to the sound of each patter

Let me smile through each spark of lightning

While releasing the tremor of the last bolt


Just let me laugh with the sizzling sunshine

Let me smile with the setting sun

Let me rise with the wispy  vapour

Quenching the thirst that this heat brings


Let me sing to the earth’s rhythm

Let me hum to my heart’s drum

Let me rock to the jolt of anger

And cherish each breath as life spins


Let me laugh, let me sing, let me smile

Let me live, let me love, let me cry

Let nature take a break

While I savor its splendor and joy.

Pen meets paper © 5 years ago, Melva Davids

The Zenith

It is but another step into oblivion

reaching the zenith of life

where worlds collide

into question marks of red, grey

and in-between.

Reaching the zenith is but a futile quest

to bridle time and space

in a kaleidoscope of new requests

of ifs and buts of an unreachable place in time.

© a year ago, Melva Davids