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Void Wisdom

This age of knowledge

in Earth’s twilight lacks wisdom.

This age of knowledge taken soullessly

void of responsibility lacks wisdom.

Like harlots, knowledge lie wasted

on vanity, objects, ego, power: bodies

lie bare to be had.

Knowledge devoid of wisdom compassed

by moral consciousness is an invisible bomb

in itchy hands -to Mother Earth.


© 12 months ago, Melva Davids

The Spark

One spark of hate can light a nation

One spark of hope can light a heart

that ripples to the next generation.

One negative word can cripple a dream

One look of affirmation can light a great

thought  to the next invention.

One unjust deed can spark a revolution

One act of love can make a path clearer

redeeming a desperate soul.

So light your spark, set each heart on fire

in a unified world where positive vibration

is the fuel and currency.

© 12 months ago, Melva Davids

The Future is Now

 On phone

though crowded;
while it’s going down.                                                                                                                          A generation,
a future,
all around.


Realms colliding.
Fears falling.
Eyes everywhere,
while it’s going
down, now.

© a month ago, Melva Davids



He did it!
He said!
She said!
I didn’t!
I did!
He did!
She did!
You did!
That’s what I’m doing!
That’s what I said!
That’s what you said!Constant bee hived

classic litany of millennial
children caught bending the rules.

A whining culture of passing the blame                                                                                           or talking back, mimicking society.                                                                                           When will this chorus end?


Son, show some integrity!
Who really did it?                                                                                                                                 ‘I did it.’ (a smile)
‘How difficult was that?’
Now make it right without that smile.’
‘There you go, show integrity!’

Reflection monologue  © a month ago, Melva Davids

Embattled Minds

Embattled minds
withstanding the tests of time,
mere fortresses without guards
battered by storms of life.
Iron on clay, endgame demise
of embattled minds.
© 11 months ago, Melva Davids

Is It Still Life?

Is it still life when hands
are too busy to touch?
Is it still life when
hearts are too busy to love?
Is it still life when
feet are too tired to go?
Is it still life when
hate is all we know?
Each breath stifled
into suspension of all we know,
where life has ceased to glow.
© 5 months ago, Melva Davids

The Price of Silence


can be golden

when words have no punch,

so weigh each word before

each breath escapes silence.


© 9 months ago, Melva Davids

The Lit Path

Two paths lay before us
one lit with dazzling gold;
the traffic is really swift
the other plain and narrow
with snail-paced grit.
Choose your path in wisdom
less you be outwitted
and the glory turns to dust.
© 11 months ago, Melva Davids

Flip Your Lenses

Flip Your lenses and see
it is not what it seems
please believe me.Flip
Your lenses and see
it’s turned upside down
it’s not what it seems
believe me.
Look down from above
then up from below
It’s turned inside out
upside down, believe me.It is not half full
it is not half empty,
this crystal is lead
please believe me.it is not brown
It is not the ground
It is not the sky
It is scarlet dew,
believe me.

Wash your groggy eyes
clear your weary minds
then look twice with the soul.
it is not what it seems
now believe me.

© 12 months ago, Melva Davids

Getting Off



de-booking from fake grid

of t-wit-ting

on smart digital orb

of mediated digitized selves.


Hopping off to a fulsome

reality with self in an

anti-hypnotic web where dreams

and thoughts not made and fed.

Taking back knowledge

from technology!

Technology © a year ago, Melva Davids

The Vices of Today





















© a year ago, Melva Davids


Cycles End

Hark, it’s near the end,
the cycle almost phased.
Wretched age must grind
till Ben no longer tolls;

but yield to a sudden halt.

No more life to unfold
till dust re-scatters
to breathe new souls,
then new cycles begin.

Oh life, restore
peaceful hearts


Still Voice

There before you lies the truth,
Know the truth and it will set you free
Still voice sliced still night in chameleon grace
Harbinger of shattered human faith.
ominous voice © a year ago, Melva Davids


Infinity’s Grasp

I hold infinity in my hand
not knowing its perfection.
Softly it fades into simplicity
untainted by life’s humbugs to
reveal an endgame to continuity
Earth stands.
© a year ago, Melva Davids


Run On to Victory

The victim may wallow for a moment

but must never stay down,

for that demon keeps company

with darkness and misery

and will hijack life as its trophy

in its game of ‘tricks and master.’

The destroyer’s game of Russian roulette.

Movement is life so brush off

and run on to hope and victory.

Motivational © a year ago, Melva Davids


The Zenith

It is but another step into oblivion

reaching the zenith of life

where worlds collide

into question marks of red, grey

and in-between.

Reaching the zenith

is but a futile quest

to bridle time and space

in a kaleidoscope of new requests

of ifs and buts of an unreachable

place in time.

© a year ago, Melva Davids


The Vines are Ripe

The vines are ripe
the hands are few for the reaping.
The droughts of the harvest lie wasting
in the vineyards.The grapes unpressed
may wither ‘fore that day of harvesting.
But now the vines are ripe, ready for the
© a year ago, Melva Davids


The Numbing

Steely fingers
like vice
grip  memories
to chilling heart
till time
with numbness
trickles in
on this infinite
bridge of

forgetfulness © 5 years ago, Melva Davids



Wisdom and knowledge

on collision course,
yet, on separate path may stray;
one bearing loaded words
the other bearing silence
till both meet at a cross road
called Life.


© 2 years ago, Melva Davids


A World of Knowing


When you think you know all,

leave some room for doubt

because twisted reality can

pose as factual and proven

beyond doubts and reason.

Each one must find his or her

resolute abstraction then take

time to understand the illusion

of unchallenged reason in a

world saturated with ever

changing knowledge and guise.

where today’s facts will tomorrow

die to rise as new knowledge

in a similar place but another time.


© 2 years ago, Melva Davids


Truth in Truth

Truth lies
at the base
where the root
springs into shoots
until truth becomes
disguised and elusive
to the point where
all truths start and end
in blindfolded lies.


© 2 years ago, Melva Davids


Where Youth Ends

Whenever the sun of youth is set
the night doth touch the sky
It’s then that wisdom filters in
and blazes  inner eyes.
When youth from recklessness
departs and sober thoughts abound
It’s then  the inner spirit stands
to conquer all life’s woes
So hasten on all wanton lusts
let folly moments fly
Make haste the dawning of the light
till consciousness alights.
© 2 years ago, Melva Davids



Overcomer’s Grace

The foolish gathers but in vain
gems, boats, luxury and fame.
The widow gathers painful woes
knowing not which wind will blow.
But she in humble solitude
prays to God in gratitude.
The foolish sailed against the rocks
a life of risks and heartless knocks.
He sails against the mighty waves
no care for lowly mindless slaves.
The widow still in platitude
sang praise to God for air and food.
But when they reached Heaven’s throne
The foolish found he was on his own.
No jet, no boat or real estate
himself stood trembling at the gate.

The angel beckoned to the one

whose grace had overcome and won.

The widow’s faith all mattered then
She’d run life’s race right to the end.


© a year ago, Melva Davids



We are but pilgrims
on an unknown journey
that sometimes get familiar
as if it is a path already traveled.
This pilgrimage revolves
towards an invisible end
where Hope lies waiting
to pilot us into a great beyond

that lies within ourselves.

© a year ago, Melva Davids


Self Talk

The empath in her says
just one more chance
but self says, ‘enough.
love your self first,
stay well for you not
to serve a trapped soul
that wallows in self,
oblivious to the souls
reaching, sacrificing
time and will.’
In the end Love stands
to comfort her and self.
© a year ago, Melva Davids


Distant Hope


I look out at the horizon of time

and see hope beckoning to mankind.

Each ebb, each flow balancing strokes

as lifeboats sturdy against the tide

flow towards the lighthouse

beaming brightly in yonder sky

bidding each passenger

not to slide, quit or jump ship

with Hope in sight.


© a year ago, Melva Davids