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God Talk


Prayerful Inspirational Poetic


I Must Tell Him

Melva P. Davids

July 2017


Taking God off the pages of Holy Books and putting him in our hearts, thoughts and actions in these perilous times through songs, social media, poems, reflections, video logs and blogs present plethora of ways to seek and rest in God’s presence in 2017 and onwards.

Listening to and reading His words may become tedious for the spiritually oppressed. The battle for man’s soul has heightened in these times. Emerging from this bondage when God is all that’s left and the world provides no other option, the Holy Spirit may turn the darkness into poems and songs to inspire others. Enjoy the journey on this site and pass the love on to others in spiritual needs.

He is Able

I know my God is able
to carry all my load
I know that he is waiting
to settle all life’s woes

I  know that God has listened
to all my rant and rage
If only I would let him
settle all my cares.

If only when I am tired
I’d give him full control
Only then I’d come to know
the power of God’s name.

Today I’ll lay each trouble
today I’ll give each fear
under God’s submission
where victory can be found

© 2 years ago, Melva Davids

A Beautiful Day

I usher in a rich day;
I am awake and grateful.
Thank you Father for fresh air,
sound sleep, chorus of birds,
the hope today brings.
Thanks for the shield,
the word, the thought,
lessons, the pitta patter.
Amen and Amen.

© 20 days ago, Melva Davids

Early Morning Praise

Every muscle
every cell
every silence
streams praise
to you, Abba
for the taste
of your ultimate gift
of life that breathes
into a new day.
May all sing your
unceasing praises
and lift your name
above all fears,
all kingdoms,
all powers, amen.

4 am. Feeling your presence, Abba © a month ago, Melva Davids

Did I Not Tell You?

Did I not say God has a sense of humor?
Did I not say he’d be on time?
Well there, He’s showed up just when you said it’s over.
Once more he’s been on time.

© 4 months ago, Melva Davids   

Swallowed Up

Swallowed up by tension,
swallowed up by pain
Swallowed by delusion and hate,
Leviathan strangling the brain.

No breath just choking on air.
Then a soft whisper, then a push;
No care, no motion, no fear.
Crashing fountain of hope-burst
to unwrap and sever the hooks.

No more tension, delusion or hurt,
the serpentine grasp is severed;
when Love steps on the court.

© 11 months ago, Melva Davids

Praise Moment

Friend of the meek,
friend of the lowly.
Master of time,
ancient divine, Holy.
Today you deserve
shouts of ‘glory!’

once more you’ve kept me in line,
away from the hidden storm.

Evil schemes, malicious lies,
naked and undone by your light.

My heart and soul sing
blessed savior and king
yes, you’ve kept me from dangers
oh, praises forever I’ll bring. Amen.

Praise © a month ago, Melva Davids   

Here I Stand in Your Stillness

I have emptied my self in search of Mercy.

I have stopped time to know Grace

when the heavens rage and I am kept busy

in chaos. Even then I’ll gaze on your abundant

glory and bask in your love.

Here I am in your stillness awaiting a new song.

Here I bask in your divine presence and unending love.
Anoint and protect this pleading soul
Cleanse this heart and give me strength untold.

Life’s journey you have conquered
please show me your way. Holy Spirit
stay within me and lighten the today.
Make me an instrument of goodness and love.

Here I am in stillness in awe of your power


© 11 months ago, Melva Davids

Overcomer’s Grace

The foolish gathered but in vain
gems, boats, luxury and fame.
The widow gathered painful woes
knowing not which wind would blow.
But she in humble solitude
prays to God in gratitude.

The foolish sailed against the rocks
a life of risks and heartless knocks.
He sailed against the mighty waves
no care for lowly mindless slaves.
The widow still in platitude
sang praise to God for air and food.

But when they reached Heaven’s throne
The foolish found he was on his own.
No jet, no boat or real estate
himself stood trembling at the gate.

The angel beckoned to the one
whose grace had overcome and won.
The widow’s faith all mattered then
She’d run life’s race right to the end.

© a year ago, Melva Davids  

Take Me to that Place

Take me to that place
where love begins and hope wins.

Take me to where peace lives
and roams and life gives.

Take me to a place where kind sun
whispers on the tip of the skin.

Oh let me touch Heaven to see
that place where love reigns.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Your Grace I Embrace

Carnal eyes knew no limit
till Grace reached out
to pull life’s curtain
and expose my sins.

I cried out in earnest
and mercy stepped in.
Gave me a lifeline
while I was drowning in pain.

In grace, my eyes seek you,
my anchor and shield,
from wicked intentions
and pleasures of sin.

Grace in large portion
at the table of my King
who opened His heart
and pardoned my sins.

I now wait in earnest
to greet you in love
where hope lies awaiting
while the world is undone.

Prompt Titus. 2: 11-14 © a year ago, Melva Davids

Love Carried Me

When the tempest and the billows roar
Love sought and found me.

My tattered life the storm unfurled
but love in goodness covered me.

He took me in from the cold and sin
a wretched soul with no hope within.

Now I rest in peace on his loving arms,
no more fears and drudgery.

The storm has passed, I am now safe

at last, tender arms to guide me.
There he cleansed my soul and made

me whole with his caring mercies

Now I’ll spend each day in his loving care
claiming all his glory. Till he takes me up

to his home on high to live with him in glory.


© a year ago, Melva Davids

You Saw Me Looking

You saw me on my knees looking, searching;
lifted my eyes to truth, there in the mirror

of my mind staring back at self.

Daunting parallel eyes and minds stared

but for a while till loss became your tears to cry;
mind, your fears to heal. Taunting image of

heinous crime; you took that pain.

Divine comforter, center of forgiveness,
friend and King. I found you on my knees;
searching for my heart. Searching within.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Grant Me

Humility, a listening ear
Light to see in dark crevices
of hearts and minds of men.

Feet and hands to act righteously
Most of all a song to sing
when the light goes dim.

Open eyes not blind to sin
A will to fight from within
Grant me divine love and a charitable heart
to serve mankind in sincerity and care. Amen

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Divine Love

I will cleave not unto my own

understanding; charlatans and sages.
There are many wise fools and there are angels
yet only His words can stand – to battle ignorance,

deception, chaos and strife in this time; this season
Obstacles and battles only divine love can mend.

© a year ago, Melva Davids  

A Quick Prayer

Let me not regret
one moment of this day
Let negative thoughts
and energies stay far away

Let my eyes see good
in every life
Let me not worry
about angering strife

Today I will hold life
against each breath
ignoring all notions
of darkened death.

Yours is this day, Lord
and I am grateful.


© a year ago, Melva Davids  

A Song for the Heart

My heart sings of your

outstretched hands,
your wisdom and love.

In silence you pilot your flock
with protective arms
guiding them on to eternal

peace and freedom.

My heart sings of

undeserved mercies

even in rebelliousness

when we stand resolute in sin.

My heart aches for your anointing

in a weary wasted land.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

The Awakening

The seat of the soul

where God’s spirit converses with the mind

to reveal dark secrets to the awakened self

before evil disguises through pineal encroachment

dilutes and resells as its awakened gift to man

in exchange for priceless will.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Love Touched Her

She touched Love
Love touched her back
till she claimed healing.
Such is God’s love.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Taste of Love

Come tingle the length and breadth of my heart
until I taste the tantalizing breath of
that sacred feeling immortalized in love.

The agape kind of purple and red
that knows no doubt nor in between.
The kind that stops in the throat with no word
to explain the heaving or sighing of the swallow
even when the taste has left and the chocolate river
no longer drowns the unmistakable taste
of untainted love.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

You are Goodness and Light

Another moment to drink
the liquor of fresh air and life

A precious time to delight
in God’s goodness and design

Another moment to say I love you Lord,
you are the architect of love.
Thank you for carrying me through last night.

You are a great protector,

Now heal my darkened light,
leave an anointing. Amen

Wake up greeting to my love and light © a year ago, Melva Davids

Drown Me

Drown me in sweet songs
like the summer rain on beaten path
overflowing, flooding brain, soul, heart
with unequaled love, abundant joy, grace,
unending wisdom and mercy.

Talk to my soul about secret things,
bring me into sweet covenant with divine will
in a world drowning in darkened dazzling and clasping sin.

Drown me in your living word right now
that I too may sing of love to reach a thirsty world
with living words of hope, light and love.


He Holds the Reins

God is present in my deepest pain
He lightens the burden when it’s too much to bear.
He lights dark pathways when the feet doth stray
And comforts weary hearts when life implodes
Let us in steadfast hold on to those reins
Knowing in earnest if our grips doth fail
He will anchor those reins in our hands again. Hallelujah!

(Even in the dark God is able).

© a year ago, Melva Davids   

A Prayer to God

That we may not be dragged

into rebelliousness and sin
through deceptive interpretation

of your outpouring or through webs

of deceptive illusion,

we pray to thee, Lord.

That we may not be vaporized,

atomized, liquefied through greed

and new age rage on life,

we pray to thee oh Lord.

That we may come willingly

into your goodness, truth and light.

That all spiritual chains be shattered

and scales be broken from our eyes,
we ask of thee, oh Lord

Lord, shower us with discernment,

wisdom, love and contentment

as we face each day, amen.

A Prayer to God © a year ago, Melva Davids

Yes I Know

Yes I know
who holds my hand
guiding, prodding me on
through tunnels of love
and skeletal graves
of whispered hate.
Yes, I know who holds
the future of uncertainty
on this human journey
with a working compass of love.
The ancient omnipotence
holding each star in place
’til the final trumpet breaks
crystal clouds of wrath
to signal the end to new starts
and glory of His son.

It is He who holds my hand.

© a year ago, Melva Davids  

Thanks for A New Day

Thanks for the Shadows, thanks for the rain
Thanks for new sunshine, thanks for lost pain
Thanks for the healing of the broken
and lost
For knowing your sunshine still warm cold hearts.
Dim the dark voices and light up today.
Joy and new blessings to brighten the way.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Showers from Above

Divine love sown in showers
Garlands of peace to sooth brittle thirsty hearts
Clearing heavenly pathways to divine
springs of souls etched in scars.
Cool morning air after Night’s
sacred showers that came and went
just in time to His will.

Night shower © a year ago, Melva Davids

Your Time is Up

Your time is up
you wisp around my heart,
shadow of my past.

Your time is up
you veil inside my lenses,
blocking holy thoughts.

I choose to see light
through your darkness,
day through your night,
rays through your shadows
and love through your hate.

You blocking demon of the soul
I resist your every lie.

Your time is up,
your game’s been up,
go to the dry places
and don’t look back.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Sweet Majesty

The Alpha
and omega
the author
and finisher
of our faith
and fate.
Sweet Majesty
of love.

Adoration and worship © a year ago, Melva Davids

Divine Guard

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray my God my life you’ll keep
Be the bearer of my soul
Keep me safe and make me whole
Be the light in these weary eyes
to watch and guard each silent sigh
Send an angel on each side
to guard me safely though the night
Make my dream an answer be
to guide my wake in purity
Make each shadow a candle stick
to reveal the devil’s wicked tricks
Clench each dart that comes my way
Bury them safely in Golgotha’s grave. AMEN.

Prayer vigil © a year ago, Melva Davids







The Vines are Ripe

The vines are ripe
the hands are few for the reaping.
The droughts of the harvest lie

wasting in the vineyards.

The grapes unpressed may wither

‘fore that day of harvesting.
But now the vines are ripe, ready

for the reaping.


© a year ago, Melva Davids  

Showers from Above

Divine love sown in showers
Garlands of peace to sooth

brittle thirsty hearts.

Clearing heavenly pathways to divine
springs; souls etched in scars.

Cool morning air after Night’s
sacred showers came and went
just in time to His will.

Night shower © a year ago, Melva Davids

He Reigns from Below

When life seems unsteady;

glory seems lost,
Christ reigns from below,

He abandons the throne.
Lifts up the beaten;

turns weakness to strength.
Steady the fallen;

enlightens dark paths.
He gives up that glory

to reach weary hearts.
To keep the spark burning

till God’s mystery is known.
Tonight He is earth bound

to sooth human sighs,
He reigns from below

when darkness ignites.

© a year ago, Melva Davids  

Just Praise

Glory, honor and power are yours
at my very weakest moment
because it is never going to be over
until you agree that it is,
so thank you Abba.

© 2 years ago, Melva Davids

Under Your Wings

Under each wing I’ll find sweet rest
let me stay and learn your ways
until I too can boldly claim
the power in your holy name

Let me find a place of strength
where I can fight with you in sight
the shadow of your fiery sword
where I am shielded by your words

Never let me from your gaze
while evil darts do eat dried flesh
unguarded souls this evil seeks
then leave them empty at thy feet

Let wisdom be my only goal
as I watch holy plans unfold
your peace each storm surely has known
under your towering mighty wings

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Lost Day

A day without you’d be lost
I trust your rugged cross;
not searching for elusive truth
then arriving to find that your words stand.

You who hold my days in your hands.

Fill me with your holy presence, Lord
Lift me up to a place of Divine Grace
Send your anointing till it’s overflowing,

You the Lamb, powerful and all knowing.

Let me into your warm embrace
Let me see your gentle face
and when my life on earth has ceased
take me to your holy place
where doubts and tears no longer be
and I can rest eternally with thee.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

A Prayer for Deliverance

Whisper a prayer for me in your head
a prayer to sever the devil’s grip on my life.
Yes! pray for victory right there in your bed.

Faith warriors, partner with me this moment.
Say a word to bind all that is fowl from my family,
my job, finance, health, soul and life.

Pray for restoration for what’s already taken
that doors of secrecy be pushed open,
and corridors of deceit and oppression shut.

Join this divine battle for my freedom and life
just pause right now and approach God’s throne
with a contrite heart on my behalf and pray.

Now that you have formed a shield of prayer
I now open a thankful heart to receive in faith God’s
promise and his hands guiding your own lives. Thanks.

Open request for prayer © 2 years ago, Melva Davids

Just Thankful Praise

Father, this moment is yours ;
I raise a thankful heart of praises
as atonement for my failures.
All pain, all guilt I place under your Grace
to be circumcised, purified and pruned
to reflect you and your design for my life.
I fall and fail to serve your will daily.
Bring me through temptations and ill will.
I love you, Abba! thanks for undeserving love.
Yes, you alone are God and you own life.

A tribute to Love © 2 years ago, Melva Davids

Wisdom Stares

I asked for perception, you gave me wisdom

that I now entrust for your safe- keeping

less the seeker takes without permission

from your temple, this broken vessel

through which your wisdom breaks and stares.

© 2 years ago, Melva Davids

God Is

Amid His awesomeness my soul

searches for meaning,

when nothingness surrounds;

feet imprinting the ground, searching.

Amid His radiance all hate,

greed and lust fade,

seeking substance, wisdom,

grace that transcends

decadence; sin’s exploits.

Amid a world where vileness rants

He stands to proclaim His peace

in hearts that break burdened by hate,

confusion, lies; searching for rest.

Yes, God is in the mess, the disbelief,

the wind, trees, no matter what, God is!

© 2 years ago, Melva Davids

Fervent Prayer for our Times

God of glory and of love
Reach down to us today
The perils that beset our world
We cast into your care.

The wars that plague our nations
the wounded grieving lives
the ruins among the ashes
We offer you each strife

New outbreaks of diseases
that challenge mankind’s lives
You know their every causes
so lend your healing hands.

We offer you this morning
all tyranny and evil guile
and may you just defender
protect all innocent lives.

We bring poverty and hunger
and place them at your feet
the homeless and the beggar
will at your table feast.

We bring you hardened hearts
and disillusioned tattered minds
that when these times are over
your peace and mercy find.

Take these our fervent prayers
as sweet sacrifice divine
and show the world your power
is merciful and kind.


© 2 years ago, Melva Davids  

Sold Out to My God

He has a keen sense of humour,’ I would often say.
When each impossibility he guided my way
Life’s wretched cruelty may harden my mind
But in God my creator sweet solace I’d find

He has a promptness about Him, always just on time
When my enemies snicker he says ‘You’ll be fine!’
Most of all he knows whatever is best
And often my patience he chooses to test

My God will never abandon me that much I know
Though I often falter, faith in Him I must grow
At times I cannot fathom why His love still remains
His unwilting grace sustains me, during life’s cruel pain

He provides shield and armor in a world laced with fear
Opens bosom of comfort to dry many tears
Led me through countless hazards, traps and regrets
Offers wisdom and courage in each goal I set

I cannot well imagine what my life would have been
Hadn’t he pardoned me and let His spirit come in
Now His joy in me has shattered mine enemies plan
I am sold out to God in every way that I can.

God will deliver © 3 years ago, Melva Davids

By Faith Not By Might

By faith; not by might
we fight

By Grace not by fear
we live

By love not by hate
we give

By hope not by sight
we feel

Pain of burnt joy,
melting ice-cold love
dripping from frigid hearts
as we toggle to silent tune
of unprovoked soul-snatching
war against blind anesthesia
where body counts
to secret high
and gates stand ajar
to love.

Melva Davids 2013

(Faith is a gift from God wrapped up in trust and hope. Faith is revealed in the request of Jairus for his daughter’s life, and the woman with the issue of blood. Unwrapping our faith takes Grace and diligence to the Word. His Grace will help in the sense-making of the demonic force that seeks to distract us and devour our souls. God is good and His mercy is everlasting).

No Ammunition

No guns nor bombs
to bring the  lofty off their perches;

Ammunition of love, mercy, light and Grace
to upset evil plans and drag them to Christ’s feet.

No door ajar to shed light on truth and right.
Only prayer, bridled tears with Calvary’s Cross
as witness to tyrannical farce; where God’s
ultimate triumph stands and waits.

No trust in man, material frills, systems of
distractions, deceit and treachery.

The Word, the promise, the hope, the New Covenant
of peace in these tumultuous days when goodness sleeps
and God’s words blaze to fulfillment despite silenced indifference.

No access to propaganda device that cries folly to detract
Stones, dry bones, invisible prophets cry-
Daniel, Isaac, Jeremiah, Ezekiel
while terrors reign amid shameful progressive digital lies
devices that hide impenetrable hate while trading places
with God skies on thrones of temporary illusions;

Church sleeps hemorrhaging the immaculate hem of His heart.

© 3 years ago, Melva Davids

Giving Thanks for Life Today

Moments come and moments passed
Evil lurks amid the dark
Incensed fury of power and masks
giving thanks for life surpassed.

Innocent bystanders the evil takes
making mockery of their fate
Tyranny loose and caring paused
giving thanks for life advanced.

Induced terror at a click
marks the seat of New Age risks
Child now silenced cannot say
What malady took her home that way.

Torturous pain and fear doth rain
Make decent folks their easy prey.
Vacant eyes to truth and trust
survival their first goal must gain

Giving thanks for life today
Asking God to look this way
Knowing that His words remain
Giving thanks for all He’s done!

Today God’s Kingdom must appease
The prophecy each moment feeds;
Where barrenness a blessing be
and dying souls abide in Thee

© 3 years ago, Melva Davids

Make Me Worthy

If my words do not speak truth;
expose what’s real
If my thoughts do not seek to heal;
my lips you should seal
If my life does not comply
to principles of love.
Remove the veil from my mind
and make me worthily transform.

© 3 years ago, Melva Davids

Your Holy Name

In awe I stand, seeking
Longing to speak, crying
Conscious of the power
in your name

God of mercy and compassion
In pain I kneel, pleading
Calling on you, wanting,
anointing through

your holy words

Abba, my Father, HOLY lamb;
hallowed be thy name
As I partake in life’s cruel game
I’ll anchor assured in you.

Hallowed be thy name.

© 5 years ago, Melva Davids  

Death to Life

You rose from death to life for a reason
Your message blesses this Easter season;
Leave dead situations in life’s tomb
Cling to the cross where true life blooms

Your journey to Calvary, my soul sings
Of the hope your living water brings
Your wounded feet, your hands and side
Tell of your agony, your sacrifice.

Oh, how we love this Easter story
Of your priceless love and ultimate glory!
May we cling to this message of triumph
Rising to unfold Spring’s secret trove.

Easter reflection © 6 years ago, Melva Davids

The River Inside Me

There is a river that flows through my soul,

a ribbon of silk foam wraps smoothly round,
under boulders; along arid ground.


It empties malice, envy, pride and lust.
Quenches self-pride; wanton desires adjust.
Cools seething rage, purifies tainted thoughts

meandering its way steadfastly along hardened heart.

Trickling onward to the core of my being.

It glistens in sunlight reflecting dashed hopes;
shattered dreams glowing and sighing at what have been
Onward whispering at each seed of love, each pain and hurt;
an estuary of hope. Creates countless ripples wherever it rests.

Its caressing charm calmly inspires, during twists

through life’s valleys and droughts through life’s trails.

It pleases my spirit when I sit on its bank,
to gather my thoughts and meditate on life’s pranks.
I’d then dived bravely into its fathomless depth
and discover anew life’s burdens have been swept.

So I’ll surrender each breathe to this tranquil delight,
of the river that gives zest to my heart, soul and mind
And pray most earnestly it will never run dry;
for then I would no longer know the joy of true life,
of inner contentment and abundant peace;
The blessings and honor my soul has released.

Easter meditation 2012 © 5 years ago, Melva Davids

Job’s Lament

Send me your sunshine sprinkled with light dew
Take all the anguish and make my faith new

Sufferer’s plea during adversities © 5 years ago, Melva Davids

A Sufferer’s Plea

Send the golden sunshine

and sweet light rain
Take the heavy burden

and ghastly pain

A plea during extreme adversity


© 5 years ago, Melva Davids   

What Really Matters Is Your Grace

I tend to ponder and analyze the meaning of men
At lightning pace I’d tried to keep up with the race
But whenever I stumble and nothing makes sense
I’d turn to what really mattered, your wisdom and grace

My greatest fear when’er I seek tides of silk
Where material possessions are the pleasures of sin
I may get all wallowed in this quagmire of greed
Losing sight of what matters, your abundant grace

At times I get side-tracked all wrapped up in self
My shadowy past blocks the light to your path
I’d stumble in darkness until your tender arms reach
Snatch me from those shadows into your fullness of grace

What doth it profit to have accolades of men
When my brother is drowning in hunger and pain?
What doth it matter if I’ve got riches untold
If I stumble and fall from your amazing love?

My fervent prayer as I tread waves of time
Is to stay on this course of power and truth
Your words are my stronghold, when life falls apart
So guide me each day as I seek your true grace.


A little of everything as I give Him the praise this morning. He is truly amazing © 5 years ago, Melva Davids  

My Ever Present Help

My mountain top experiences were your divine course
On life’s road I trod, not knowing where I was going
Down in the valley low the many rivers I’d cross
I knew you were standing close, a life line you’d toss

My desert experiences you carried me through
Life changing decisions, you showed me what to do
When tempted or tried your tender voice I’d hear
Those words were my anchor in moments of fear

As I face my new battles being tossed to and fro
Your Holy Spirit is guiding the way I should go
So I place all my sins, all my sorrows and pain
Into your healing  hands so you’ll restore me again

(My prayer and praise this morning).

4th prompt Faith © 5 years ago, Melva Davids

Thy Will

In solace he reaches hiding his cares
Your words he reads to comfort his fears
No money, no cure, his reality lies bare
death’s arrow shunted but for a day.

He knows not the Healer whose power still stands
Dear Father I come on bending knees to this altar
I crave wisdom and healing through your anointed words
So I beg first forgiveness for all my many faults.
Remove clouds of doubts so to his soul I can speak.

Strengthen his hearts, you know all his needs.
Restore health and harmony in body, mind and soul
Rekindle his will, his family console so agonizing silence

who in quandary looks on, can replace nothingness
with hope when hopelessness calls

Be physician, provider and ultimate friend
Let thy will be done, Lord let each seek your face
The cancer is yours let your miracle be seen
Speak to his heart so he finds peace within every thought.
Holy Spirit sweet love divine please be his strength.

Father, I have pleaded, placed this case at the cross
The decision is yours, see this battle through.
We are but your hand-made, You know our fate
Let your will be done, Lord as I honor your name


© 5 years ago, Melva Davids  

Your Holy Name

In awe I stand
Longing to speak
Conscious of the power
in your name

God of mercy
and compassion
In pain I kneel
Calling on you
Anointing through
your holy words

Abba, my Father,
HOLY lamb;
hallowed be thy name
As I partake
in life’s cruel game
I’ll anchor assured
in you.

Hallowed be thy name © 5 years ago, Melva Davids