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Dance With Me – Melva Davids

Dance With Me

The first time we danced
was the night you proposed
We knew there and then
our destiny was settled
Our feet intertwined
as we grooved toe to toe
There we bumped and wiggled
to the slide and twist
Then we both shimmied
down to the floor.

Our eyes talked then
our lips made a pact
The longing was sealed
in your long embrace.
Tonight my love
we have tied the knot,
Just dance with me.

Dance to the rhythm of our hearts
as we did that night
The floor is waiting,
they are playing our song.
Come let us groove
till they dim those lights
Let us create new memories
through this special dance.

Hold me closer, let us sway
in unison to each waltz
As we synchronize each step
our bodies become one
The symbol of the journey
we have begun.

Dance with me my love,
let us rehearse each move
Hurry the night on
till our last guest is gone
Then we will dance
to our own eternal song
for the rest of our lifetime,
just dance with me.

Melva P. Davids 2008


Sylvie and Laurent (Cameroon Wedding in SouthCarolina).




Heart of the Homeless

Zeno had no brain or so they said.

No pride, not able to decide

his own destiny.

You see, he was a total giver

who gave his smile, his home,

his heart to whomever.

He was happy if everyone else

was until one day he had nothing

left to give except his smile which

he could not see; his sight grew dim.

It was then that they censored him

as the fool who gave himself fully unto


But still he smiled and thought,

‘my common sense tells me that it is sensible

to give as long as it makes me happy.’

Zeno continued to give his smiles to the faceless

silence on the pavement where he now lives a

penniless happy-go-lucky saint.



More Love

Haven’t written about you lately
so I’ll sip on the memory of love past
and on fulsome love tomorrow
when my pen finds that missing zest
in my heart to write of love surpassed.

© a month ago, Melva Davids  


Early Morning Praise

Every muscle
every cell
every silence
streams praise
to you, Abba
for the taste
of your ultimate gift
of life that breathes
into a new day.
May all sing your
unceasing praises
and lift your name
above all fears,
all kingdoms,
all powers, amen.

4 am. Feeling your presence, Abba © a month ago, Melva Davids

The Spark

One spark of hate can light a nation
one spark of hope can light a heart
that ripples to the next generation.

One negative word can cripple a dream
one look of affirmation
can light a great thought to the next invention.

One unjust deed can spark a revolution
one act of love can make a path clearer
to a desperate soul

So light your spark set each heart on fire
in a unified world where positive vibrations rule.

© 11 months ago, Melva Davids

Cost of a Smile

It doesn’t take a nickel,
it only takes a start
Then come the ripples
straight from the heart.

Keep smiling © a year ago, Melva Davids

Dancing Lily

Soft white lily bobbing your head
to the push of the gentle wind.
Like a boat being tossed by the waves
you sway backwards and sideways
in tune with its rhythm.
Oh how gracefully you glide
as the wind caresses.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Take Me to that Place

Take me to that place
where love begins and hope wins.

Take me to where peace lives
and roams and life gives.

Take me to a place where kind sun
whispers on the tip of the skin.

Oh let me touch Heaven to see
that place where love reigns.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Did I Not Tell You?

Did I not say God has a sense of humor?
Did I not say he’d be on time?
Well there, He’s showed up just when you said it’s over.
Once more he’s been on time.

© 4 months ago, Melva Davids

The Cascade Falls

The cascade falls from dawn till noon
a steady beat upon their heads
until the twilight breath of air
comes crashing through the windy rain.

The night birds aim the cascade calls
a seasoned chorus of insects fall
along the bridge of frigid rain
the cascade fades against the dark.

The night erupts with sounds of joy
Teenagers victims of nights charm.
Giggles, shrieks and latent roars
carries onward into dawn

© 12 months ago, Melva Davids

Winds of Change

East wind of the West soars high
above chasms made of hate and lies.
Your strength known in diversity
clings tight to remnant liberty
where all was one and one was all
left centre stage reality.

Oh Southern wind of Western sky
where black men live and made to die
strangers in toughened skins and hides,
unsure of their identities, lash out in rage
and bitter grief, each day a kinsman’s left to lie

Will selves to float up up on high
o’er rage and hate and senseless fights.
Change now the course of human hearts
where many souls are marked to part
or trapped neath darkened secret lies.
Knees bent below oppressors blow
awaiting change to quell each groan.

Winds of change sweep sea and land
cleanse crust and core of evil hands
Leave nothing undisturbed or neat
unruffled stroke of divers plagues.
Drench each breath with love and joy
carry all pain to mountains high
so mothers, fathers, cousins, child
live cheerful, peaceful chainless lives.

© 12 months ago, Melva Davids

Overcomer’s Grace

The foolish gathers but in vain
gems, boats, luxury and fame.
The widow gathers painful woes
knowing not which wind will blow.
But she in humble solitude
prays to God in gratitude.

The foolish sailed against the rocks
a life of risks and heartless knocks.
He sails against the mighty waves
no care for lowly mindless slaves.
The widow still in platitude
sang praise to God for air and food.

But when they reached Heaven’s throne
The foolish found he was on his own.
No jet, no boat or real estate
himself stood trembling at the gate.

The angel beckoned to the one
whose grace had overcome and won.
The widow’s faith all mattered then
She’d run life’s race right to the end.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Look at Me

The pain twisted my frown
into a smile
so look at my smile
upside down, still smiling.

My heart twisted inside out
yet look at my heart
inside out, still loving.

My skin aches outside in
but look at my skin
outside in still breathing,
a testimony to God”s promise.

I smile, love and breathe in thanks to life.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Early Birds

Nothing can be more tuneful
than the charades of early birds
chirping like automated orchestras
humming in refrain to the language of love
in myriads of tongues and tones.
Early Bird catches, watches and sings
till everyone wakes to drink life
before sunrise on the sea of rapturous

© a year ago, Melva Davids

[ This is Bliss ]

This is bliss.
Consciousness rising,
a Phoenix ready to lift
to an immortal swelled sea of knowing
where everything is nothing
and nothing is all there be,
a sea of unending possibilities.
May thy will be done.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Sweet Sleep

When sleep becomes love ,
naught is strange in dreamland
where the unlikely can become reality,
the fountain where the sleeper lays her head.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

The Taste of Relaxation

Each sinew speaks as tenseness eases,
the taste of relaxation squeezes
through each pore: each wave
a tingling sensation that connects to the soul.
Stars in the eyes, the mind’s eyes
symphony of peace, being one with self releases.
Singing  songs of restitution, restoration, positive vibration,
love surging to a crescendo of exhilarating tons of love.
I love, I do. Peace, now- put up your feet.
Chilaxing and relaxing in love.

© a year ago, Melva Davids

Painting Rainbows

Painting rainbows across the sky
in rows of pretty hues.
Arched brows of radiant colors bright,
droplets of sunlit glue.

Painting rainbows across the heart
where love and peace abound.
Bedecked with grace and seasoned joy.
Unbroken rings that glow.