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Dance With Me

Cameroon Wedding in South Carolina: Tribute to Laurent and Sylvie


The first time we danced
was the night you proposed
We knew there and then
our destiny was settled
Our feet intertwined
as we grooved toe to toe
There we bumped and wiggled
to the slide and twist
Then we both shimmied
down to the floor.


Our eyes talked then
our lips made a pact
The longing was sealed
in your long embrace.
Tonight my love
we have tied the knot,
Just dance with me.


Dance to the rhythm of our hearts
as we did that night
The floor is waiting,
they are playing our song.
Come let us groove
till they dim those lights
Let us create new memories
through this special dance.


Hold me closer, let us sway
in unison to each waltz
As we synchronize each step
our bodies become one
The symbol of the journey
we have begun.


Dance with me my love,
let us rehearse each move
Hurry the night on
till our last guest is gone
Then we will dance
to our own eternal song
for the rest of our lifetime,
just dance with me.

Melva P. Davids  2008