The Numbing

Steely fingers
like vice
grip memories
to chilling heart
till time
with numbness
trickles in
on this infinite
bridge of

Melva P. Davids


Heart Snatcher

You stole my heart ripped it apart
then threw it to the wind.
A whirlwind came in a mighty rush
claimed all the broken pieces.
Took cells apart, my broken heart
strewn them in diverse places.
So now I stand confused and lost
no heart to warm cold memories.
You stole my heart ripped it apart
scampered away without a thought
of the agony heart faces.Now you stole her heart,                                                                                                                       ripped hers apart
strewn hers in diverse places
Like an aimless wind you have moved on by
destruction following each pathway.

Your lonely heart now hardened thick                                                                                        still hunting hearts to trample
Berserk and angry soul you are
no heart to give, just taking.

Heart of Love

Heart has no drought,
no desired thirsts.
Even in parched climes heart
remains malleable sane,
unflinchingly untouched
in arable patches and plains.
Oh scorched and formidable
love-winds blow thou contrite
lighthouse to the path of wayward
ships; tossing alongside feeble pulses
of blob bleeding blood of love,staying strong in storms and strife

looking on in admiration of stout

strength thou solid love rock called,

“Heart of Love not Lost.”




If My Heart Could Speak

If this heart could speak
it would speak of love
wrapped in abundant grace

If my heart could speak
it would share its pain
of ruthless agony and hurts

If this heart could speak
it would show each scar
from invisible seat of hate.

Though this heart will not tell
of its  nightly torturous hell
It will heal and mend each tear.

My heart replaces anger with joy
swaps malice with peace
untouched by bitter gall.


Heart Song

“I must go on,”
the refrain of
an unsightly scarlet blob
of mess I call my heart.
Without recess it pulsates
life giving energy emits
to engulf over- worked brain

“I must press on
to feed masses of organs
and cells that keep this vessel
fully loaded and well.
Moving debris to be filtered
or sent to the dump;
I must press on.”

I listened to your song
and pondered  the wisdom
of the craftsman who set
the pump house, filter system,
the drain and main circuit,
the brain to operate in unison;
a self- sustaining rigor
where thoughts and love combine
to sublimely embody me!


Taste of Love

Come tingle the length and breadth of my heart
until I taste the tantalizing breath of
that sacred feeling immortalized in love.

The agape kind of purple and red
that knows no doubt nor in between.
The kind that stops in the throat with no word
to explain the heaving or sighing of the swallow
even when the taste has left and the chocolate river
no longer drowns  the unmistakable taste
of untainted love.

Sleeping Heart

Wake up love to the beating rain
Let me hear your song again
Tell my heart it is still sane
To laugh and clap and sing of pain
Wake up love to passing hate
Light the way to your open gate
Wake up heart and listen well
Love’s awake each tune doth tell
My sleeping heart in slumber be
Awakens love’s infinity.